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 I’ve been to specialists and pain experts all over the country for more than ten years. Nothing worked until I discovered Dr. Bien.

Professional Musician

When I came to Dr. Bien, I couldn’t raise my left arm above my waist. Now the pain is gone and I have complete use of my arm

Working Grandmother

What impressed me was how little time it took and how fast the treatment worked

Professional Writer

When I came to Dr. Bien, I was suffering from a lot of low back pain. And because I was Pregnant, I could not take any painkillers. Dr. Bien’s Bien Harmonic Balancing Therapy made me pain free.

Pregnant Woman (7 Months)

Thank you so very much for helping me with my ankles.

L. Bombard.
2020-11-09 18:24
Dear Dr. Bien

Thank you so very much for helping me with my ankles.
When I came in to see you, I was really at the end of my rope.
I was afraid I was going to end up disabled at age 33. When you said, “I will help you.”
I was cautiously optimistic. However, you helped me more in the first two weeks than any doctor has in the past two years.
Words cannot express how grateful I am. Living with that much pain every day, with such limited ability and limited possibilities, is now in the past.
I thought that was just my life. I’m so happy I am better!
If I have any future issues, or if I just need to come back for more treatment, then I will come back to your office.
If not, I wanted to make sure you know that I won’t forget how much you helped me, and I will always be grateful.
Thank you so much for helping me.

All the best,
L. Bombard.
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Actively Retired
Connie Rieman | 2023.03.28 | Votes 0 | Views 229
Connie Rieman 2023.03.28 0 229
Dr. Bien Spray helped to tighten up Pregnancy Stretch Marks on my Stomach.
Christina | 2022.12.08 | Votes 0 | Views 286
Christina 2022.12.08 0 286
No more Pain-No more Meds- Dr Bien is THE BEST!
Muriel Chandler | 2022.10.14 | Votes 1 | Views 333
Muriel Chandler 2022.10.14 1 333
Dr. Bien is a magician
Jesse C. | 2022.09.01 | Votes 0 | Views 353
Jesse C. 2022.09.01 0 353
lower back pain and dizziness
Brittany | 2022.08.30 | Votes 0 | Views 339
Brittany 2022.08.30 0 339
Excellent service
Allison Charles | 2022.01.11 | Votes 0 | Views 575
Allison Charles 2022.01.11 0 575
Dr. Bien's Amazing Water
Patricia | 2020.12.29 | Votes 1 | Views 1358
Patricia 2020.12.29 1 1358
Great therapy
Karolina Z. | 2020.12.09 | Votes 0 | Views 1344
Karolina Z. 2020.12.09 0 1344
Thank you so very much for helping me with my ankles.
L. Bombard. | 2020.11.09 | Votes 0 | Views 1723
L. Bombard. 2020.11.09 0 1723


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