Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. It is the use of herbs for their therapeutic or medicinal value. An herb is a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, aromatic or savory qualities.


Herbs used in Dr. Bien’s clinic are mostly oriental medicinal herbs and some western medicinal herbs.

The majority of herbs are derived from the plant such as leaf, flower, twig, fruit, stem, root, tuber, rhizome, and bark. Some ingredients from animal, microbial (fungal, algal) and mineral souces are considered as herbs.

Herbs are categorized systematically in oriental medicine according to their usage as follows.

Exterior releasing herbs, heat clearing herbs, damp draining herbs, phlegm eliminating herbs, food stagnation relieving herbs, interior warming herbs, tonifying herbs, sprit calming herbs, blood regulating herbs.

Herbal Prescriptions

Combination of herbs rather than single herb is more effective in treating patients’ symptoms.  Our body types(genetic constitution) are different, so patient has different needs. Therefore, the prescriptions are individualized for every patient on a personal level.

Herbal prescriptions below are the most famous and effective  formulas  used in Dr. Bien’s clinic.

(PinYin alphabetical order)

Bai Hu Tang백호탕  白虎湯 : high fever, headache due to common cold, fatigue

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang보중익기탕  補中益氣湯 :  weakness, fatigue, no appetite, dizziness,  due to energy deficiency

Da He Zhong Yin대화중음  大和中飮 : food stagnation, food indigestion, fetid mouth odor due to overeating, unsuitable foods

Dang Gui Su San당귀수산 當歸鬚散 : bruise, edema, blood congestion due to injuri, sprain, broken bone, car accident

Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang부자이중탕  附子理中湯 : cold body, cold hands and feet, cold allergy due to weakness, cold temperature, cold food

Gui Pi Tang귀비탕  歸脾湯 : cracked feet, sleeping hands and feet, dry skin, tinnitus, palm sweating, hypothyrodism due to stress, excessive thinking, mental trauma, nutritional deficiency

Gui Qi Tang귀기탕  歸耆湯 : oversweating, skin heat, heat stroke, short breath, fatigue, burns due to over pumping of heart by hot temperature, overwork

Gui Zhi Tang계지탕  桂枝湯 : dislike of wind, cold, spontaneous sweating, cold skin, cold hands and feet due to skin heat deficiency by cold temperature

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang황련해독탕   黃連解毒湯 : fever, congested blood, tooth pain, hives due to local congested blood by wrong food, infection, overwork, excessive thinking

Er Chen Tang이진탕  二陳湯 : nausea, belching, vomiting, car sickness, anxiety, frequent dreaming, forgetfulness due to excessive nutrition, imbalnce of water metabolism

Liu He Tang육화탕 六和湯 : stomachache, diarrhea, fever, no appetite due to  the loss of temperature regulation and relaxation of digestive system by hot humid temperature

Liu Wei Di Huang Yuan육미지황원 六味地黃元 : edema, low back pain, frequent urination, fatigue due to nutritional deficiency by aging, weakness

Long Shi San용석산  龍石散 : atopy, redness, acne, ulcerated tissue due to congested blood and inflammation by burns, infection, excessive thinking

Ma Huang Tang마황탕 麻黃湯 : coughing, fever, bodyache due to tension of skin by cold temperature, infection, overwork

Ping Wei San평위산  平胃散 : stomachache, stomach cramp, indigestion due to food stagnation by overeating, wrong foods

Qing Er Wan청아환  靑娥丸 : low back pain due to nutritional deficiency around lumber area by overwork, aging

Ren Shen Bai Du San인삼패독산 人蔘敗毒散 : fever, bodyache, runny nose, sore throat due to tension by cold temperature, virus

Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang승마갈근탕  乘麻葛根湯 : hives, redness, psoriasis, common cold due to congested blood on surface by cold temperature, common cold virus

 Si Jun Zi Tang사군자탕 四君子湯 : no appetite, fatigue due to hypofunction by weakness, malnutrition, overwork

Si Wu Tang사물탕   四物湯 : sleeping hands and feet, dry skin, dizziness, anemia due to menstruation, bleeding, malnutrition

Tai Yin Tiao Wei Tang태음조위탕 太陰調胃湯 : fatigue, soft stool, defecation right after eating, frequent defecation due to relaxtion of digestive system by weakness, aging, lack of exercise

Tuo Li Xiao Du Yin탁리소독음 托里消毒飮 : abcesses, allergic dermatitis due to inflammation by virus, bacteria, fungi, injuries

Wu Ling San오령산  五笭散

            brain edema, morning sickness, headache, vomiting due to accumulation of water by common cold, infection, pregnancy

Xi Jie Di Huang Tang서각지황탕  犀角地黃湯 : hives, nose bleeding due to congested blood of capillaries by overwork, excessive thinnking, stress

Xiang Su San향소산  香蘇散 : chest pain, dyspnea, common cold, dislike of coldness, stiff neck due to tension of blood vessel and skeletal muscle by excessive thinking, common cold virus, stress, cold temperature

Xiao Chai Hu Tang소시호탕  小柴胡湯 : alternating heat and cold, fullness of chest, high fever, headache, bitter mouth, congested blood in eyes due to inflammation, congested blood by common cold virus, infection, stress, excessive thinking, overwork        

Xiao Cheng Qi Tang소승기탕 小承氣湯 : constipation due to irregular eating, stress, overwork

Xiao Feng Tang소풍탕  疏風湯 : stroke, muscle ache, hemiplegia, difficulty in speech due to narrow, tensional of blood vessel by high lipidemia, high blood pressure, aging, overnutrition 

Xiao Jian Zhong Tang소건중탕  小健中湯 : growth pain, abdominal pain, heat sensation of foot, fatigue, nose bleeding due to tensional muscle by malnutrition, weakness, overwork, tension

Xie Wei Tang사위탕  瀉胃湯 : eczema, acne, pricke, dermatitis, toothache, atopy due to congested blood of capillaries by overwork, excessive thinking, overnutrition

Common Diseases and Symptoms Treated with Herbs

Acid reflex, gastitis, stomach ulcer, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, migraine, hypertension, dyspnea, apnea, stroke, hyperthyrodism, gout, obesity, anhidrosis, toothache, nose allergy, snoring, middle ear inflammation, arthritis, frozen shoulder, stress, bell’s palsy,facial paralysis, parkinoson, urinary incontinence, frequent urination, enlargement of prostate gland, impotence.

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