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Dr. Bien Patch

Dr. Bien Patch invented by Dr. Richard S. Bien, the Dr. Bien Patch is an innovative adhesive patch made up of natural minerals that stimulates the muscles and joints. Through strategic placement on the skin, the constant contact allows the skin to register it as pressure, providing an acupressure-like comfort. 


Dr. Richard Bien has been providing pain relief to patients worldwide for the past 43 years,  treating more than a quarter million patients, including professional and Olympic athletes, heads of state, and film and television personalities. He treated a variety of conditions, from work or personal injuries to chronic pain and disease. 
Dr. Bien created Bien Harmonic Balancing  Therapy (BnHBT) through years of practice and research in Eastern and Western medicine. BnHBT is a unique pain relief system that has produced dramatic results. Dr. Bien administers his treatment through a treatment device he invented, the AcuStimulator.
Dr. Bien founded Pain Management Systems in an effort to make BnHBT and pain relief available and affordable to you and to the thousands who suffer.
Dr. Richard S. Bien, Ph.D. is a Board Licensed Physical
Therapist/Acupuncturist and Medical Hypnotherapist. continued… 

Dr. Richard Bien

Services We Offer

We will help you relieve pain, increase stability, correct imbalances within the body:

Nervous system, Circulation, Hormonal balance , Metabolic balance, Merician balance, Immune system

We focus on helping to prevent injuries with accurate diagnosis, prescribed treatment, targeted therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation. 

Bien Harmonic Balancing Therapy … simply, gently, and quickly brings your body system back into harmony and back into balance, thus relieving and …continued… 

Bien Points which are including acupoints and trigger points and clinically important points are developed by the author as key action areas on muscle to perform the Bien program…continued… 

Dr. Bien Patch invented by Dr. Richard S. Bien, the Dr. Bien Patch is an innovative adhesive patch made up of natural minerals that stimulates the muscles and joints. Through placement…continued… 

Tell us about your visit, what brought you and the results you experience. …continued…

Physical Therapy is an allied health profession concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and disability through physical …continued… 

Acupuncture originated in China thousands of year ago, but over the past three decades, its popularity has grown significantly within the United States. …continued… 

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. It is the use of herbs for their therapeutic or medicinal value. An herb is a plant …continued… 

Rare Natural Water for Facial Enhance/Prevents Itching continued… 

Techniques to address various symptoms and conditions. …

Question and Answer …continued…

Some of my patients and acquaintances over the years. continued…

Artist: Sharon Bien

Poet: Richard Bien

Peace for your mind and soul. …continued…

Pain relief is possible!

The sources of pain have many names:

We accept Medicare, PPO. HMO, Private Insurance, Worker’s Comp., Auto Insurance.

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